A Look Into Fleksy’s Design Philosopy


At Fleksy, we’re always trying to design our product in a way that’s not only striking, but also intuitively functional.

At our core, we believe in building the best distraction-free typing experience without the hassle of a steep learning curve. Once that’s done, everything else follows suit. So whether you have big thumbs, tiny thumbs, fast thumbs, or slow thumbs, we’re here for you as we work to improve your mobile typing experience.

Here’s the breakdown of the “whys” behind what we do and how that makes the Fleksy experience unique in its own right:

We believe buttons are distracting and ugly. We focus on a minimalist keyboard where the only design flourish is the middle bar on the keyboard. The middle bar gives us a unique and seamless look while also helping orient the user on the keyboard. (Plus, it complements our swiping functionality.)

Our designs evolve with each operating system. We always try to complement the design of the various operating systems we run on, taking the best visual cues from each. Our design evolves as they do, but we try to stay true to our overall design compass. We’ll always strive for a simple default look, with the middle home bar on the keyboard. But as new design philosophies develop, we’ll introduce features and themes to complement them. Our Extensions allow us the flexibility to add new functionalities as they emerge.

Every theme is team-approved. We have to love every design completely before it goes out the door because once it’s out, we can never take it back. Luckily, everyone in our company takes a design-oriented view of things, so we have a wealth of feedback. Our designers are constantly bouncing things off of each other at every stage of the design process. When we’re choosing themes, we choose the ones that we think are beautiful and that our users will enjoy.

We stay relevant but remain true to our brand. With our new branded themes, our goal is to release timely themes that fit with our beautiful aesthetic. For example, our new “The Hunger Games” themes — which were released when the “Mockingjay – Part 1” installment came out in theaters — were designed with the movie’s imagery but maintained our understated style.

Our user experience is all about simplicity. We don’t want to force people into learning a new paradigm for typing. Instead, we focus on tap typing with outstanding autocorrect and simple —but powerful — swipe gestures for various functions, such as deleting words.

We’ve also removed phone keyboard features that users normally don’t use, including swiping and next-word predictions. In our eyes, next-word prediction pulls your attention away from what you’re actually typing, which makes you type slower over time. Most users haven’t taught themselves the swiping paradigm. But once you learn to trust Fleksy’s autocorrect, you can actually go beyond next-word prediction.

Our goal is to make typing an enjoyable experience, not a frustrating one. So the next time you want to throw your phone out the window because of incessant autocorrect mistakes and typing errors, join the Flesky movement. You’ll type happier!

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