It’s Our Birthday, So We’re Going On Sale


Happy birthday, to us… Happy birthday to us… Hey everybody, we’re celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Fleksy’s official launch on Android today!  How are we celebrating?  Well, we’re putting our premium keyboard on sale today-only for $.99 on Android.

It’s been a wild year for us.  Fleksy has been downloaded over 2 million times on Android in over 170 countries, all in under 12 months.  We’re growing like crazy thanks to our record-setting autocorrect, and award-winning design, but most of all thanks to all our users out there.

Fleksy's First Year on Android

Keyboards are an integral part of the mobile user experience, with the average user opening them an average of 180 times per day and spending 1 hour 30 minutes with their keyboard open.  Fleksy alone has been used to type 1.5 billion words in a single year.

“Our growth in such a short period of time is incredible,” said our Founder and CEO, Kosta.  “Our users love us because we’re continuously striving to keep delivering the best typing experience available.  We’re very grateful to all our users, and excited for the future of Fleksy.”

If you haven’t yet, go get Fleksy at:




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