6 Mobile Trends to Watch for in 2014

Remember the old-school flip phones of the early 2000s? We’ve come a long way since then. Playing Tetris and keeping appointment reminders on our phones no longer seems quite as impressive, especially now that we can track our sleep, track our flights, or even track our kids from our smartphones.[…]

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Why I Uninstalled Swype

This is our first installment of featured stories by everyday Fleksy users. We want to hear your story. Follow us on Twitter and let us know if you want to be featured next! Hi. I’m Anand Chowdhary and I design and develop for the Web, and occasionally pen down my[…]

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Is your smartphone as appealing as Scarlett Johansson?

Perhaps you’re not too interested in dating your smartphone, like Joaquin Phoenix’s character did in the film “Her.” But maybe you do want it to be more than just a phone, and with apps like DocuSign, Evernote, and Google Voice, it can be. With a little help, your phone can[…]

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