Introducing Fleksy in Tweetings!

Today we are proud to announce that Tweetings, the popular Twitter client, has integrated the Fleksy keyboard into their Tweetings 2 app. The news is especially positive for our VoiceOver community, in ways that will become apparent in the coming days: – This is the first fully accessible integration using[…]

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Fleksy available on iOS Apps

Fleksy announced today that the iOS SDK is now available to all app developers for fee. This means that starting today, more iOS apps will start making Fleksy available as an alternative keyboard. Here are some apps that are already Fleksy-enabled. Happy Typing! Launch Center Pro GV Connect Wordbox You Doodle[…]

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It's just the beginning…

We are wrapping up one of Fleksy’s most exciting days: we just announced the first apps to implement Fleksy’s SDK and – for the first time ever – an alternate keyboard is introduced to iOS, causing a stir in the market. Our excitement was shared by The Verge, TechCrunch and Engadget, echoed by MacLife, Lifehacker, TUAW and even TIME magazine![…]

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