Fleksy comes to Samsung GALAXY Gifts with the Samsung GALAXY S6


Big news today!  We’re bringing our award-winning keyboard to Samsung GALAXY S6 via Samsung GALAXY Gifts.

Fleksy has received both critical acclaim and, more importantly, lots of love from our users on Android.  We’ve rocketed past 3 million downloads and firmly staked a claim as one of the best keyboard apps available.  We’ve given you world-class autocorrection technology and beautiful design, and in December we brought you the launch of branded themes and powerful feature customization options known as Extensions.  So, partnering with the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer to bring our keyboard to even more fans is very exciting for us.

Fleksy’s offering on Samsung Gifts will include unlimited use of the full Fleksy Keyboard app, along with the Modern premium themes, for free.

We’ll also be demoing our Mobile and Wearables products, including the recently-launched Samsung Gear S keyboard, at Mobile World Congress 2015, March 1-5, in the Tizen Association booth, so come say hi!

Stay tuned for more Fleksy news, we still have a lot of exciting updates planned this year.  Keep typing, and we’ll keep working to make your typing even happier!

Happy typing!



Fleksy’s keyboard for iOS and Android is available for download at:



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