Fleksy for iOS is here

With iOS, customize your mobile keyboard with Fleksy - the fastest, most accurate, most fun way to type.

Type Faster With Fleksy

Fleksy is officially the fastest keyboard in the world. Incredible autocorrect and powerful gestures make typing fast and easy, leaving more time for the things you love.

For the Colorful

You’ve got style.  Why not show it? Customize to your heart’s content with Fleksy’s vibrant color themes to make your life more colorful today.

What’s Your Size?

Shrink Fleksy for more screen space, or expand for easier typing. Fleksy lets you choose the right size for you.  Your fingers will thank you as they comfortably dance across the keys!

Get Fleksy now!

Stop typing on frustrating keyboards, download Fleksy today and start typing happy!

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