Fleksy 2.0 Android update adds Cloud Features and Badges; iOS update adds 8 more languages.


Now integrated in more than 50 iOS apps.

SAN FRANCISCO – Mar 25, 2014 – Fleksy, the award-winning touchscreen keyboard company, today released a major 2.0 update to its Android app, introducing Cloud personalization and a new Badge system.

The new Badge system makes learning the advanced features of Fleksy a more fun and rewarding experience. Current badges include “Invisible Master”, awarded to users who type on Fleksy’s famous invisible keyboard, and “Gesture Guru” for mastering Fleksy’s unique gesture system. Badges unlock newly introduced themes, and even extend Fleksy’s free trial period. Users can also share their achievements with their friends.

Ioannis Verdelis, Founder and COO of Fleksy said:

“Our users get really excited about just how much easier typing is with Fleksy. True to our motto of Happy Typing, today’s Badge features make learning Fleksy’s more advanced features an even more fun and rewarding experience”.

Also with the 2.0 update, Fleksy upgrades its My Fleksy personalization features. My Fleksy tailors the keyboard’s language algorithm with the user’s unique writing style using their email and social networks. The new My Fleksy Cloud features also sync between the user’s Android devices, bringing a seamless experience to those using multiple devices.

Today also marks a major milestone for Fleksy’s iOS keyboard. Fleksy is updating its SDK with 8 more languages, improved accuracy, and announces 50 developers have already integrated the popular keyboard.

Commenting on Fleksy’s growth on the iOS platform, Kosta Eleftheriou, Founder and CEO of Fleksy said:

“Our growth on iOS means that the platform is fast turning from a hobby into a very real and big business for us. New apps with Fleksy now appear on a daily basis, and we will be ramping up our iOS efforts in line with our vision of making Fleksy a standard feature of every app”.

Both Android and iOS versions are available now!

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